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Natural Body Defense – Personally Reviewed


Important Review Update:

19 March 2016 – I am still using this and have been for quite some time – which is why I am a big gutted that I have just discovered how to get:
‘Buy One Get One Free’ AND ‘Free Shipping’!! 

1 – Click on what I call my – ‘Defense Best Link’ 

2 – When the page opens – CLOSE it – a ‘Free Shipping’ Coupon will appear – Apply it!

3 – When the order page then appears – CLOSE it AGAIN – a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ coupon will appear – Apply it!

NOTE – When on Phone/Mobile or Tablet – REFRESH the page rather than close it (Swipe Downwards).

Okay, so nowadays we are bombarded daily about what is good for us…..but more often than not, what is bad for us! Lots of these are ‘fads’ & seem to be in the paper for 1 day & never seen again (phew!).NaturalBodyDefense

One of the exceptions seems to be ‘inflammation’; this seems to have hung around like a bad smell.

So much, that I started doing some research to see if I should be worried & it would appear that we should.

This website/blog is my little journey uncovering the concerns & ultimately testing out a supplement that is supposed to help –

Click here for –  Natural Body Defense – Official Site of the Supplement

(Review Updated – 11th Feb 2014 & 22nd April 2014)
(Review Updated – 29th Aug 2014 & 2nd Nov 15 – Still using, been quite some time now & is just part of my regime)


Why should we worry about Inflammation?

We are being told there is a new health killer on the block…...Inflammation.

It has been medically linked to Heart Attacks, Cancer & even Alzheimer’s.

You may have read about this recently, it is the latest scare. Gone are the days worrying about Cholesterol & the like.

The concerning thing about it…… is that it seems to be building up a head of stream.

Inflammation is the bodies natural response from our immune system when our body faces infection, injury or irritation. This ‘snapshot’ from Time magazine sums it up very nicely. It warns of Inflammation & its links to Heart AttacksCancer & Alzheimer’s

Inflammation & Time Magazine

Before I go any further, check out the video below which was a report on CBN about 6 months ago….

Inflammation – The Real Enemy (CBS News)

What is Natural Body Defense (NBD)?

It markets itself as a ‘Anti-Inflammatory Support Supplement’.

It is all natural combination of powerful extracts & chemicals which aim to dramatically enhance the ability for our bodies to combat inflammation.

It also claims to promote healthy joint function & brain function……& to also affect ‘Ageing’ (as this is a side effect from inflammation). Well let us hope so!


What is in Natural Body Defense (NBD)?

Well, I am pretty sure, like me, you have never heard of most of these, but here goes:

  • BoswelliaSerratta Extract
  • Bromelain Extract
  • Curcumin Extract
  • Ginger Extract
  • Quercetin & Rutin

There is more information HERE in our article about all these extracts.


What are people saying about Natural Body Defense (NBD)?

At present.


This product is SO new I can’t find any reviews from real people. I personally have ordered the product, it has arrived & as I write I am a week into taking it.

(UPDATE  – 11th Feb 2014: I have now been taking this for a few months & have noticed some benefits, I have just ordered my 2nd batch)
(UPDATE – 29th Aug 2014 & 2nd Nov 15: The longer you use it, the better it seems to get – takes a while but has been well worth it)

I went for the 3 month supply & will update this review when I feel I have findings to share.

It has been seen on the following Media :NBD

The only person I found, & was on the NBD website (& he’s actually endorsing it, so read into that what you want!) is David Lyons (Founder of MS Fitness Challenge). He quotes about the anti-inflammatory supplement being “one of the most important parts of my overall health & fitness regime”


What is the cost of Natural Body Defense?

Like a lot of online websites they want you to fill in all your contact details before you get to see what the costs are…..I think this is both stupid & annoying; so when I ordered, I took a note of all the options & they are laid out below:

1 Month’s Supply – $39.95 

2 Month’s Supply + 1 Month Free – $79.85     – 34% Saving

3 Month’s Supply + 3 Month’s Free – $119.70    – 50% Saving

All these prices are available direct from their website. They only supply direct to the public so anything you see on Amazon, Ebay etc should be avoided as it is likely to be more expensive, fake, out of date or second hand.

*Update – 19 Mar 16* – See above as to how to get Free Shipping & BOGOF – whilst that exists, the above goes out of the window!


What can it do for me?

The list of it’s claims are as follows:

  1. It’s an All Natural Anti-Inflammatory Support
  2. It Promotes a Healthy Inflammation Response
  3. It Promotes Healthy Joint Function
  4. It Promotes Health Brain Function

These are at present claims…..if they are all true, then happy days! But as said before, I can’t find any genuine reviews as of yet as it’s so new.

I have been taking this for a week now as I write this & certainly don’t feel worse….if anything a bit brighter maybe & I don’t seem to ache as much the day after I go for a run…..but hey, this could all be in my head!….or could it!?

(UPDATE – 11th Feb 2014 – It has been a few month’s now & feel pretty good, like I have said below, I have taken better care of myself (I am at that age!) I have lost a bit of weight also which I think just helps with everything – physically & mentally)

(UPDATE – 22nd April 2014 – I did get all excited about a ‘Weight Loss System’ I was trying….I have just updated my post on that….it was rubbish! Sorry! I am still taking one part of it but the rest of the system & the hype that went with it was just a waste of time/money – Updated Article on Weight Loss System). I am still continuing with NBD & am happy with it).

(UPDATE – 2nd Nov 15 – Like I have mentioned previously – I am still taking this & am still happy with what it seems to be doing!)


Are there any side effects using NBD?

There is no information about this that I could find; on Google….or on the Official Website

I haven’t found any so far myself…..& lets face it, it is an all natural supplement…..this isn’t some hormone treatment or experimental medical procedure!




Personally, it’s too early to tell. (UPDATE – 11th Feb 2014, 29th Aug 14 & 2nd Nov 15 –  I have found some overall great health benefits – I do feel better in myself, sharper, less achy etc – again, Is it just the supplement? – Can’t say for definite, as I have just tried to take better care of myself over the last 5+ months or so & this was one of my ‘steps’).

Like I have said, I do feel brighter & seem to feel less achy the day after I go running….& that is a good thing! I have never enjoyed Bottle_190the ‘hobbling’ down the stairs when I first get up.

Having said that, isn’t a lot of how you feel really come down to how you are thinking? (Positive Mental Attitude etc) & you get the same effect from taking a positive step, like buying a supplement for an ailment or problem.

In summary, I have seen health benefits from the new ‘regime’ I have adopted & NBD is part of this. Is it the difference? or is it just helping…I couldn’t really say but to be honest I feel better & am not about to stop. I hope this review has helped in some way.

Thanks for reading.

Click here for – Official Natural Body Defense Website


**NOTE** – See my March 2016 update at the beginning of this review so you don’t miss out on Free Shipping + Buy One Get One Free !!

Want to read more? See our article here – Inflammation – A Major Cause of Disease


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Five Top Foods That Cause Inflammation


Have a burning sensation in your stomach?

Want to get rid of it?

This is never a good feeling and something millions of people around the world deal with on a regular basis. It can be troublesome at best and nauseating at worst.

Let’s take a glance at a few foods which can have this impact on the human body and why avoiding them is important. As long as you control your diet, these foods are not going to become a major problem in your life.

Let’s take a glance at five top foods that cause inflammation:

Artificial Sugar

This is a general option and one you are going to have to keep in mind.

Artificial sugar is going to have a grave impact on the human body. It is not just about the kidneys or liver, it is far more than that.

It comes down to the gut not being able to deal with the problem head on and wanting to churn through the sugar as fast as possible. When it can’t do it, the inflammation kicks in and that is when you start to feel quite uncomfortable.

Don’t let this happen by cutting down on the sugar that is being consumed as soon as you can.



Yes, you will have been told that milk is good for the bones and is a must in your diet, but that is not something everyone will associate with. In fact, those who are lactose intolerant are not going to appreciate this at all.

You have to be aware of what your body is telling you as that is going to keep you on the right track. There are some people who refuse to do this and they are the ones who pay the price.

You need to eradicate the milk as soon as you can.

Refined Grains

These are also options that you are going to have to limit as much as you can.

Refined grains can often look like a great option to consume and something you are going to have available to you with ease, but that is not a good idea at all.

Refined grains are harder to digest and that is going to cause inflammation in the gut. You want to get out in front of this and make sure you are not eating foods that are going to cause problems in the long-term.


Vegetable Oils

It is essential to make sure you are using the right oils when you are cooking. This is why essential oils are always recommended.

You should not be using vegetable oils as they are not going to do well in your stomach. It is essential to sit down and focus on the options in front of you beforehand.

If you start consuming foods that have been cooked in vegetable oil, you are not going to like the inflammation that comes about along the way.

It is important to reduce the intake of vegetable oils to the best of your ability.


Mangoes And Bananas

These are not good for those who have to deal with inflammation. They have a higher sugar content and that is great for one’s taste buds but horrible for everything else.

You need to make sure you are cutting down on these fruits and going after other options that are not ‘tropical’ in nature.

You want to make sure you are thinking about this as much as you can.

Tropical fruits have quite a significant impact on the gut especially when you don’t control how much you are consuming on a regular basis.

This might be one of those foods that cause inflammation where you won’t even notice what has happened until you fall ill.


These are the foods you are going to have to avoid at all costs.

Don’t eat them or you are going to be paying the price for a long time to come. There are many people who eat recklessly and that is the reason they get trapped in a horrible situation.

Get out in front of this problem as soon as you can and take a look at these foods that cause inflammation. As long as you do this, you are going to be healthy and that is what matters in the end.

Don’t hurt yourself by making the wrong decisions.

Want more information on this subject? – Here is a non-commercial YouTube Video from a Dr. Frederick Sutter that carries on with this subject and discusses the top 10 foods that cause inflammation.

Enjoy! – Gerry.

5 Top Foods To Reduce Inflammation – Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

5 Top Foods To Reduce InflammationWhen you struggle with inflammation, it’s difficult to tell what’s causing it, so here is an article I have written about foods to reduce inflammation from personal experience.

Physicians will tell you you’re just getting older.

They often recommend some over the counter pain relievers – but there is something you can do!

But is aging really the source of all that pain?

Maybe your inflammation is a dietary issue too?

Those who have made dietary changes, that coincide with an inflammation-smart plan, notice a significant reduction in their pain.

Some have even discovered that they can reduce their pain by avoiding certain foods. For instance, foods that contain high amounts of weight proteins, like bread, can often be a source of inflammation.

It’s common knowledge that when we eat healthy, we feel healthy.


Foods To Reduce Inflammation

Try these top five, healthy foods to reduce the inflammation that’s keeping you from feeling your best.


Number One On The List Of Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Fatty Fish

Fish is not only an excellent source of protein, it’s also an excellent way to get healthy fats that may reduce inflammation.

Omega-3 has shown in clinical studies to be effective at reducing inflammation in most patients. Thus fatty acid is present in high amounts in Tuna, Salmon and many other species of fish. Fish is one of the foods to reduce inflammation & is very good for your heart also!

Not all of us like the taste of a freshly reeled in cod. If you’re one of those people who simply aren’t fish fans, you may be better off taking the fatty acid in supplement form.

Fish oil capsules contain all the omega-3 your body can absorb. You may also prefer the capsule option if you can’t afford to cook fish every night.

Remember, Tuna, which is cheap, contains the fatty acid.


Second On The List: Dark, Leafy Vegetables

Kale and Spinach can protect the body from the pain creating, pro-inflammatory substance called Cytokines. This molecule acts with receptors in the body to produce inflammation & therefore becomes another of the foods to reduce inflammation.

It can be kept at bay with the high amounts of vitamin E found inside green, leafy vegetables.

If you’re not a fan of spinach or kale, almonds contain a high amount of vitamin E as well. If neither of these foods tickle your fancy, you can always take a multi-vitamin.


Third On The List Of Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Soy For Women

Soy has been shown to lower inflammation in women. Test have not been done on male subjects. However, the effect may be the same for them.

A compound found in soy, known as Isoflavones, reacts with the body to lower CRP.

CRP is a common source of inflammation. It is important to note that Isoflavone is an estrogen-like substance. Some people believe soy may be harmful to men for this reason.


The Fourth Food: Hot Peppers

This may sound strange, but a chemical from peppers is actually derived to make ingredients for some of the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory creams.

This chemical is known as Capsaicin. You can experience the effects of this anti-inflammatory agent naturally by eating Chile and Cayenne peppers, they are one of my personal favorites when it comes to foods to reduce inflammation.

If you would like to reduce the temperature of these hot peppers when you add them to a dish, take out the seeds. The seeds are the hottest part.


The Fifth On The List Of Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Tomatoes

Tomatoes are good for the body for obvious reasons.

They supply plenty of antioxidants and vitamins so that are bodies can perform their functions. This little, bright colored vegetable also contains the anti-inflammatory agent known as lycopene.

Lycopene helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs and surrounding tissue.

This property makes it especially useful to people who smoke or have asthma.

The source of lycopene does not have to be from a fresh tomato. Any product that contains tomato’s, even processed products like Ketchup, has enough lycopene to benefit your body (how scary is that!!).

If you are not a fan of eating untouched tomatoes, it’s best to get your lycopene from tomato juice or sauce.

These ingredients can easily be used while cooking.


Remember, We Are What We Eat!

Every cell in the human body is made up of food we’ve ingested at point or another. So that old saying about how we are what we eat is actually really true.

Reducing inflammation requires the addition of nutritious, natural and healthy foods into the diet. If you can manage to fit them in, you’ll feel better in no time.

Remember to avoid foods that will aggravate inflammation too! – more on that in my next post….

Thanks for Reading – Gerry.

Weight Loss System – ** Updated 22 April 204 **

*** Updated 22nd April 2014 ***

Sorry everyone! I got a bit excited about all this, as I am sure you can tell if you read below. Every now & again I read or hear something & get completely engrossed.

Having tried it & it cost me a lot of money! I would not recommend it……the Green Coffee Bean I will carry on taking as I think it is supposed to be good (maybe a review in there..)…..but the other stuff I just can’t justify.

The Digest It Colon Cleanse just made me a bit ‘loose’….. spicy food gives me the same results!

The Yacon Molasses was just a waste of money in my opinuin….it just didn’t fill me with any confidence & I just didn’t believe that it would do anything!….

Oh well, sorry folks!…..but felt I should update so you didn’t waste your money!!

*** Updated 22nd April 2014 ***


diet and weight lossI am quite aware that this is a  website that looks at inflammation…..but when you get to a certain age, like myself, weight can become a bit of an issue & I have been looking at trying to get this sorted & I stumbled across this ‘system’ so I thought I would share it.

I have heard quite a few people talk about this….it is a Weight Loss system that involved 2 or 3 products… the 1st warning – It’s Not Cheap to get going!! but from what I have heard it is worth it. I have bitten the bullet & am going to try it….

It is basically a combination of the following:

One of 2 specific Weight Loss Supplements + Detox System/Supplement + 1 Other Weight loss Supplement (optional but may obtain even greater results).

The combination of all 3 can be outstanding if what I have seen on a few forums is to be believed…it is linked to the Digest It clearing out your system, both generally & removing your built up toxins that your body can’t naturally get rid of (additives etc) (which can get in the way of various supplements working) & then these 2 supplements have been reported to work significantly better under these conditions…..well, I’ve bought it, it makes sense.

This secret system is as follows….I have gone for the Green Coffee Bean of the 2, not tried either before but I like coffee! (it was that simple):


Garcinia Cambogia                     OR                Green Coffee Bean Max


Digest IT Colon Cleanse

           +  (optional)

Yacon Molasses (optional)

As I have found out, this is not a cheap ‘experiment’ but seems worth the risk. I have outlined the costs for these products for you below so if you do try, you go in with your eyes open.

Garcinia CambogiaOfficial Website
1 Month – $39.95
3 Month (2+1 Free) – $79.95
6 Month (3+3 Free) – $119.95

Green Coffee Bean MaxOfficial Website
1 Month – $39.95
3 Month (2+1 Free) – $79.95
6 Month (3+3 Free) – $119.95

Digest IT – Colon CleanseOfficial Website
1 Bottle – $39.95
2 Bottles – $69.95
4 Bottles (3+1 Free) – $119.85
6 Bottles (3+3 Free) – $159.95

Yacon MolassesOfficial Website
1 Month – $39.95
3 Month (2+1 Free) – $79.95
6 Month (3+3 Free) – $119.95

The essential ones are seen as a winning combination….the optional takes it further still (if reports are to be believed). Good Luck !

Fight Inflammation With Food

food and inflammation

Here are 2 great little video’s created by the American Nutrition Association which look at the role of food with fighting inflammation & also some tips about using nutrition to combat pain.

Quite an eye opener…..

Fight Inflammation with Food – Part 1

Fight Inflammation with Food – Part 2


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Inflammation – A Major Cause Of Disease.

diseases that cause inflammation

My apologies…..these articles & video clips are all a bit depressing!


Shouldn’t we all be made aware of what can, or could, be happening within our bodies. I have always been of the belief that I would prefer to know the potential risks…..& then I can make the informed decision as whether I take notice & take action…..or just ‘roll with the punches’ & accept the possible risk.

In light of that, here are 2 very informative video’s from Dr. David Bernstein cover the topic of Inflammation.

In the 1st video he starts with a a jokey intro…..something that just doesn’t fit with someone in authority! Bless him for trying tho!


 Inflammation – Part 1 – A Major Cause of Disease

Inflammation – Part 2 – The One-Two Knockout Punch

Well, I hope you enjoyed the videos’, very informative.

Up for reading more? Take a look at our article about what the body does instantly when it’s injured, it is quite fascinating!! – Acute Inflammation – The Initial Injury & What The Body Does

Acute Inflammation – The Initial Injury & What The Body Does.

initial injury and inflammationIf your interested in this product, then my guess is that you are interested in Inflammation. Below is a good, short little video that gives an insight of what our body does when a initial inflammation occurs i.e. when an injury first happens. In this informative video, it shows what the body does when we prick ourselves with a thorn….it really is quite fascinating! The human body really is an incredible thing.

 How The Body Deals With Initial Acute Inflammation:

The Initial Injury.


Want more information on this subject…..but something a bit more ‘practical’. We also have another article which the information comes from the ANA – American Nutrition Association.

This is an article that looks a Fighting Inflammation With Food. It is very interesting & also looks at using food to combat pain as well.