Curcumin 2000 – Personally Reviewed (Was Natural Body Defense)

Important Review Update – Curcumin2000

This product has been ‘re-branded’ – it is now called CURCUMIN 2000 – It still contains the same ingredients, does the same job, is endorsed by the same people & still works – it now just has a much ‘catchy’ name!!! & they have made the branding far more colorful!!

curcumin 2000I will at some stage go through the whole site & change all the pictures etc – but that takes quite a while to do!! In the meantime, above is what it looks like. Cheers!!

curcumin2000 reviews

Okay, so nowadays we are bombarded daily about what is good for us…..but more often than not, what is bad for us! Lots of these are ‘fads’ & seem to be in the paper for 1 day & never seen again (phew!).curcumin 2000 reciewNaturalBodyDefense

One of the exceptions seems to be ‘inflammation’; this seems to have hung around like a bad smell.

So much, that I started doing some research to see if I should be worried & it would appear that we should.

This website/blog is my little journey uncovering the concerns & ultimately testing out a supplement that is supposed to help –

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(Review Updated – 11th Feb 2014 & 22nd April 2014)
(Review Updated – 29th Aug 2014 & 2nd Nov 15 – Still using, been quite some time now & is just part of my regime)
(Review Update – Oct 2017 – Still using & still swear by it – have updated my review as they have ‘re-branded’ the product as Curcumin 2000.


Why should we worry about Inflammation?

We are being told there is a new health killer on the block…...Inflammation.

It has been medically linked to Heart Attacks, Cancer & even Alzheimer’s.

You may have read about this recently, it is the latest scare. Gone are the days worrying about Cholesterol & the like.

The concerning thing about it…… is that it seems to be building up a head of steam.

Inflammation is the bodies natural response from our immune system when our body faces infection, injury or irritation. This ‘snapshot’ from Time magazine sums it up very nicely. It warns of Inflammation & its links to Heart AttacksCancer & Alzheimer’s

Inflammation & Time Magazine

Before I go any further, check out the video below which was a report on CBN about 6 months ago….

Inflammation – The Real Enemy (CBS News)

What is Natural Body Defense (NBD)? [Curcumin 2000]

It markets itself as an ‘Anti-Inflammatory Support Supplement’.

It is all natural combination of powerful extracts & chemicals which aim to dramatically enhance the ability for our bodies to combat inflammation.

It also claims to promote healthy joint function & brain function……& to also affect ‘Ageing’ (as this is a side effect from inflammation). Well, let us hope so!


What is in Natural Body Defense (NBD) or Curcumin 2000?

Well, I am pretty sure, like me, you have never heard of most of these, but here goes:

  • Boswellia Serrata Extract
  • Bromelain Extract
  • Curcumin Extract
  • Ginger Extract
  • Quercetin & Rutin

There is more information HERE in our article about all these extracts.


What are people saying about Curcumin 2000/Natural Body Defense (NBD)?

At present.


This product is SO new I can’t find any reviews from real people. I personally have ordered the product, it has arrived & as I write I am a week into taking it.

(UPDATE  – 11th Feb 2014: I have now been taking this for a few months & have noticed some benefits, I have just ordered my 2nd batch)
(UPDATE – 29th Aug 2014 & 2nd Nov 15: The longer you use it, the better it seems to get – takes a while but has been well worth it)
(UPDATE – 2017 – They have rebranded the product as Curcumin 2000 – It is the same just looks a bit more ‘Jazzy’ in the packaging & has a ‘better’ name – certainly more memorable!)

I went for the 3 month supply & will update this review when I feel I have findings to share.

It has been seen on the following Media:NBD

The only person I found, & was on the NBD website (& he’s actually endorsing it, so read into that what you want!) is David Lyons (Founder of MS Fitness Challenge). He quotes about the anti-inflammatory supplement being “one of the most important parts of my overall health & fitness regime”


What is the cost of Curcumin 2000 / Natural Body Defense?

Like a lot of online websites, they want you to fill in all your contact details before you get to see what the costs are…..I think this is both stupid & annoying; so when I ordered, I took a note of all the options & they are laid out below:

UPDATE – They now seem to have amended the above & the prices are right there on the 1st page! At Last!

1 Month Supply – $59.95 

3 Month Supply – $149.85

6 Month Supply – $249.46

All these prices are available direct from their website. They only supply direct to the public so anything you see on Amazon, eBay etc should be avoided as it is likely to be more expensive, fake, out of date or second hand.


What can Curcumin 2000 (NBD) do for me?

The list of its claims are as follows:

  1. It’s an All Natural Anti-Inflammatory Support
  2. It Promotes a Healthy Inflammation Response
  3. It Promotes Healthy Joint Function
  4. It Promotes Healthy Brain Function

These are at present claims…..if they are all true, then happy days! But as said before, I can’t find any genuine reviews as of yet as it’s so new.

I have been taking this for a week now as I write this & certainly don’t feel worse….if anything a bit brighter maybe & I don’t seem to ache as much the day after I go for a run…..but hey, this could all be in my head!….or could it!?

(UPDATE – 11th Feb 2014 – It has been a few month’s now & feel pretty good, like I have said below, I have taken better care of myself (I am at that age!) I have lost a bit of weight also which I think just helps with everything – physically & mentally)

(UPDATE – 22nd April 2014 – I did get all excited about a ‘Weight Loss System’ I was trying….I have just updated my post on that….it was rubbish! Sorry! I am still taking one part of it but the rest of the system & the hype that went with it was just a waste of time/money – Updated Article on Weight Loss System). I am still continuing with NBD & am happy with it).

(UPDATE – 2nd Nov 15 – Like I have mentioned previously – I am still taking this & am still happy with what it seems to be doing!)

(UPDATE – Sept 16 – I am still taking this as part of my daily routine & don’t think I will stop as I have heard so many other good things about Tumeric & Black Pepper)

(UPDATE – 2017 – They have rebranded the product as Curcumin 2000 – It is the same just looks a bit more ‘Jazzy’ in the packaging & has a ‘better’ name – certainly more memorable!)


Are there any side effects using Curcumin 2000 (aka – NBD)?

There is no information about this that I could find; on Google….or on the Official Website

I haven’t found any so far myself…..& let’s face it, it is an all natural supplement…..this isn’t some hormone treatment or experimental medical procedure!

Update 2017 – There are so many ‘good news’ stories about Tumeric/Black Pepper since I started taking this supplement years ago!! So for once, I was ahead of the game!! WoooHoooo!!




It does indeed work. (UPDATE – 11th Feb 2014, 29th Aug 14, 2nd Nov 15  & Oct 2017 –  I have found some overall great health benefits – I do feel better in myself, sharper, less achy etc – again, Is it just the supplement? – Can’t say for definite, as I have just tried to take better care of myself over the last 5+ months or so & this was one of my ‘steps’.
Having read more & more about these ingredients there is no mystery why I feel better.

curcumin 2000Like I have said, I do feel brighter & seem to feel less achy the day after I go running….& that is a good thing! I have never enjoyed Bottle_190the ‘hobbling’ down the stairs when I first get up.

Having said that, isn’t a lot of how you feel really come down to how you are thinking? (Positive Mental Attitude etc) & you get the same effect from taking a positive step, like buying a supplement for an ailment or problem.

In summary, I have seen health benefits from the new ‘regime’ I have adopted & NBD is part of this. Is it the difference? or is it just helping…I couldn’t really say but to be honest I feel better & am not about to stop. I hope this review has helped in some way.

Thanks for reading.

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