Weight Loss System

Weight Loss System – ** Updated 22 April 204 **

*** Updated 22nd April 2014 ***

Sorry everyone! I got a bit excited about all this, as I am sure you can tell if you read below. Every now & again I read or hear something & get completely engrossed.

Having tried it & it cost me a lot of money! I would not recommend it……the Green Coffee Bean I will carry on taking as I think it is supposed to be good (maybe a review in there..)…..but the other stuff I just can’t justify.

The Digest It Colon Cleanse just made me a bit ‘loose’….. spicy food gives me the same results!

The Yacon Molasses was just a waste of money in my opinuin….it just didn’t fill me with any confidence & I just didn’t believe that it would do anything!….

Oh well, sorry folks!…..but felt I should update so you didn’t waste your money!!

*** Updated 22nd April 2014 ***


diet and weight lossI am quite aware that this is a  website that looks at inflammation…..but when you get to a certain age, like myself, weight can become a bit of an issue & I have been looking at trying to get this sorted & I stumbled across this ‘system’ so I thought I would share it.

I have heard quite a few people talk about this….it is a Weight Loss system that involved 2 or 3 products…..so the 1st warning – It’s Not Cheap to get going!! but from what I have heard it is worth it. I have bitten the bullet & am going to try it….

It is basically a combination of the following:

One of 2 specific Weight Loss Supplements + Detox System/Supplement + 1 Other Weight loss Supplement (optional but may obtain even greater results).

The combination of all 3 can be outstanding if what I have seen on a few forums is to be believed…it is linked to the Digest It clearing out your system, both generally & removing your built up toxins that your body can’t naturally get rid of (additives etc) (which can get in the way of various supplements working) & then these 2 supplements have been reported to work significantly better under these conditions…..well, I’ve bought it, it makes sense.

This secret system is as follows….I have gone for the Green Coffee Bean of the 2, not tried either before but I like coffee! (it was that simple):


Garcinia Cambogia                     OR                Green Coffee Bean Max


Digest IT Colon Cleanse

           +  (optional)

Yacon Molasses (optional)

As I have found out, this is not a cheap ‘experiment’ but seems worth the risk. I have outlined the costs for these products for you below so if you do try, you go in with your eyes open.

Garcinia CambogiaOfficial Website
1 Month – $39.95
3 Month (2+1 Free) – $79.95
6 Month (3+3 Free) – $119.95

Green Coffee Bean MaxOfficial Website
1 Month – $39.95
3 Month (2+1 Free) – $79.95
6 Month (3+3 Free) – $119.95

Digest IT – Colon CleanseOfficial Website
1 Bottle – $39.95
2 Bottles – $69.95
4 Bottles (3+1 Free) – $119.85
6 Bottles (3+3 Free) – $159.95

Yacon MolassesOfficial Website
1 Month – $39.95
3 Month (2+1 Free) – $79.95
6 Month (3+3 Free) – $119.95

The essential ones are seen as a winning combination….the optional takes it further still (if reports are to be believed). Good Luck !