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Inflammation – A Major Cause Of Disease.

diseases that cause inflammation

My apologies…..these articles & video clips are all a bit depressing!


Shouldn’t we all be made aware of what can, or could, be happening within our bodies. I have always been of the belief that I would prefer to know the potential risks…..& then I can make the informed decision as whether I take notice & take action…..or just ‘roll with the punches’ & accept the possible risk.

In light of that, here are 2 very informative video’s from Dr. David Bernstein cover the topic of Inflammation.

In the 1st video he starts with a a jokey intro…..something that just doesn’t fit with someone in authority! Bless him for trying tho!


 Inflammation РPart 1 РA Major Cause of Disease

Inflammation – Part 2 – The One-Two Knockout Punch

Well, I hope you enjoyed the videos’, very informative.

Up for reading more? Take a look at our article about what the body does instantly when it’s injured, it is quite fascinating!! – Acute Inflammation – The Initial Injury & What The Body Does